Quite simply, Expo ’76 is unforgettable! Assembled from the eclectic ranks of Poi Dog Pondering, Tomorrow The Moon, The New Duncan Imperials, Mucca Pazza, and The Renaldo Domino Experience, this cast of characters covers tunes in name and style like no other. Plan on spending the night excitedly wondering, “What could possible happen next?!?” 
Their ever-expanding set list careens wildly through decades and genres as the band follows its own muse. Whether they're storming through a rockabilly chestnut, a show tune, a top 40 hit from their (or your) childhood, brassy, jazzy hits and more, you'll feel the unbridled joy of some of Chicago's busiest and most respected musicians doing what they were born to do. Indeed...Quite simply, they're unforgettable.

Thanks for supporting Expo'76 during these non gigging times! We miss you!

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Space, 1245 Chicago Avenue , Evanston, IL 60202

Get ready for the Expo'76 show of the year as Expo returns to Evanston SPACE on Friday Oct 29 for a huge dance party at one of our favorite venues. Joining Expo'76 and the Total Pro Horns will be the fabulous singer Robert Cornelius and violinist/singer Susan Voelz. Get your tickets for this all ages event here!