Quite simply, Expo ’76 is unforgettable! Assembled from the eclectic ranks of Poi Dog Pondering, Tomorrow The Moon, The New Duncan Imperials, Mucca Pazza, and The Renaldo Domino Experience, this cast of characters covers tunes in name and style like no other. Plan on spending the night excitedly wondering, “What could possible happen next?!?” 
Their ever-expanding set list careens wildly through decades and genres as the band follows its own muse. Whether they're storming through a rockabilly chestnut, a show tune, a top 40 hit from their (or your) childhood, brassy, jazzy hits and more, you'll feel the unbridled joy of some of Chicago's busiest and most respected musicians doing what they were born to do. Indeed...Quite simply, they're unforgettable.

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The Wine Goddess, 702 Main St, Evanston IL

Chicago’s free-range cover band comes to The Wine Goddess for a special night of songs and stories. It’s been nearly a decade since Poi Dog Pondering’s Dag Juhlin assembled his friends Kenny Goodman, John Carpender and Ralph Baumel for the first Expo’76 gig in a pizza parlor near the Wisconsin border. They’ve followed their instincts ever since, playing only the music that they love, and politely leaving the obvious cover band warhorses to others. As musically dexterous as they are omnivorous, they’ve backed up soul men (Andre Williams, Renaldo Domino), songbirds (Syd Straw, Kelly Hogan, Susan Voelz), and superstars (Joel Murray, Eddie Vedder). There’s nothing stopping from this Wine Goddess event from turning into a full-blown dance party, but just be careful – there are a lot of bottles on the shelves!